Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cerita Dewasa malam pertamaku

Cerita Dewasa malam pertamaku
Cerita Dewasa malam pertamaku Maybe you've seen a car ad featuring a woman would prefer to go with a man who has a shiny clean car than men with shabby and dusty cars. Apparently, it can also happen in the real world.

Reported by All Women stalk, men can attract women by using his personal car. Here it is seven ways that can be used by men to impress women through the appearance of his car.

1. Clean Glossy
No matter what brand as expensive or as famous as the car is owned by a man, if his car is full of dust or mud here and there, do not expect she'll be impressed. When the woman saw the car fall apart, they will automatically assume the people in them also have no regularity in his life.

2. Car Wheels Good
Perhaps most men did not think that women will not notice their car as detailed as that. But the tires and wheels are also important in the eyes of the women. Generally, women do not really like a car wheel that is too high (like a wheel off-road or modified too much). Conversely, women love the sleek wheels with alloy wheels and elegant, especially if they are not covered with dust and mud.

3. Sound Quality System
The women certainly do not want eardrums 'broken' because of the deafening sound of music when driving with the man in the car. But she also wanted to enjoy the musi during the trip. Therefore, men need to install a good sound system if you want to impress women. The sound quality is not too hard or jamming bass, will be favored by women.

4. Strong power
Strength, in any form will look sexy in her eyes. Generally, women prefer cars that were tough body and a rumbling sound when turned on. Be it new or vintage car.

5. Environmentally Friendly
Cars that emit a lot of black exhaust smoke until, of course, does not look good in the eyes of women. This signifies a man less able to care for and tend to be 'the bodo' with his car. While men who diligently caring for the car, especially if using an environmentally friendly car (hybrid) will get plus points for women.

6. Know How to Maintain Car
Nothing is more sexy to women than to see a man who knows what the problem is happening with their car. The man who can change the oil, change tires or resolve minor problems themselves, will be concerned with the slightest details, including watching the women.

7. 'Clean' of Ornament
Cars that 'clean' of stickers, hanging dangling dangling or patch windows will be more 'comfortable' is seen particularly for women. One-two sticker or ornament to sweeten the car may not be a problem. But if all the car's rear glass filled with stickers, will look messy and ridiculous.

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