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Cerita dewasa malam pertama di ranjang

Cerita dewasa malam pertama di ranjang

Cerita dewasa malam pertama di ranjang Emergency response period after the collapse of the bridge in Tenggarong Kukar, Kukar (Kukar), East Kalimantan, was extended 54 days. That way, the emergency response period ended February 17, 2012 up to the next.

"Regent Kukar (Rita Widyasari) decided to extend the response period daruat second time. In effect since December 26, 2011," said Head of Public Relations and Protocol Regency Sri Wahyuni ​​Kukar, when contacted by AFP on Sunday (25/12/2011) night.
Previously, during the emergency declared by the central government applies two weeks from the date of 26 November 2011. Then, extended back by Regency Kukar 10 December to 25 December 2011. This time, Regent Decree No. 749/SK-BUP/HK/2011 dated December 24, 2011, the extension of the emergency response period was decided based on the evaluation team returned Implementing Disaster Management Unit (Satlak PB) Kukar.

"There are still reporting loss of his family who have not obtained the certainty of his existence and wants to continue the evacuation process in accordance with the results of dialogue with the families of the victims with the Regent," said Sri.

"Based on the results of dives performed by divers traditional, some order to the vehicle that allegedly contained dead bodies in it are already in position and ready to lift the belt. But because of technical constraints of the framework are yet to be terevakuasi vehicle," he added.

Sri is described, based on Article 46 paragraph 4 PP. 21 In 2008, the search for victims can be reopened with consideration of the indication of the presence of the victim.

"Executing Unit for Disaster Management Team (Satlak PB) Kukar will continue the evacuation process with the involvement of traditional divers as well as third party services," said Sri.

Still according to Sri Wahyuni, Regent Rita Widyasari Kukar said he would hold a third party, in this case a private party, for the evacuation of victims that allegedly contained in a vehicle that is still trapped in the surrounding context of the existing bridge at the bottom of the river.

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